Friday, December 3, 2010

CX Season Wrap Up

Yesterday was the final CX race of the year- it took place in Monroe, WA at Evergreen State Fairgrounds. It was raining, so at least not snowing- but I swear it was colder even than the race at Sprinker. Thank goodness for Bob's Red Mill Burger serving up warm oatmeal!

The point structure of the Seattle Cyclocross series heavily favored this last Monroe race, giving it double the points of any other race of the year.  One racer from Rad Racing was only one point behind me in the overall, meaning that I'd need to beat her to stay ahead of her and maintain my position in the overall standings.

As per usual, I rode the course a couple of times before the race (and also to keep from freezing to death!).  It was a flat course with one gradual uphill, two short but steep run ups, and two steep, short descents on loose gravel/ dirt that saw a lot of carnage. Here's some video of the action, taken by a super fast single speed racer (courtesy of KB Productions in cahoots with Cyclocross Magazine).  Check out the hairy descent at 3:43 and the funny run up footage at 4:37 (and a blooper at about 8:00):