Friday, December 30, 2011

Homemade Holidays

The holiday season typically causes some trepidation around here. There is the challenge of balancing Chad's and my different holiday traditions, but there's also the struggle with the consumptive aspect of the holidays.  Every year, I strive to come up with meaningful home made gifts that reflect our values and provide some alternative to mindless consumerism that seems to drive us all during this time of year.  However, I almost always plan more projects than I can handle and, faced with no better last-minute alternative, I find myself in some big box retail or mall with all of the other last minute shoppers, feeling slightly ashamed/ guilty and questioning the importance of spending significant amounts of money on largely disposable stuff.  It really comes down to a time/ values trade off that I'm not always comfortable with.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bicycle holiday lights in Spokane

I spent a few short days in Spokane for the holidays this year, less than usual due to a job transition and a late-December start date.  For once, we left all of the gear at home- no skis, no bikes, just Chad and me and the dogs enjoying the winter stillness and the holiday warmth with loved ones. 

We did lots of walks and lots of drives (as is generally the case when we visit, as everyone lives far from each other), and while en route I noticed a ton of holiday lights with a theme dear to my heart!