Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bike Works Auction- People Powered Awesomeness!

Last night was the annual Bike Works auction. Bike Works, based in Columbia City, educates and empowers youth through teaching them about bikes (riding and fixing!).  They offer a wide array of adult programming too- from drop in Volunteer Repair Parties (VRP) every Thursday, where you can improve your bike mechanic skills while drinking beer and conspiring with other bike addicts, to more formal bicycle repair classes (including the ABC and DEF series), as well as some fun social bike events.  I've been a regular VRP volunteer for just over a year, and I've also assisted Bike Works staff with teaching both the ABC and DEF bike repair classes.  Last year I volunteered at the annual Bike Works auction, and I had such a blast that I volunteered to be on this year's auction committee.

The theme of this year's event was "People Powered," and the venue, Herban Feast's SODO Park, was decorated with a comic book superhero theme. "People powered" also describes the manner in which this event was pulled together.... a mighty army of Bike Works staffers, board members and volunteers put lots of time and love into making the evening fabulous.  Here are some shots of the space, and a little taste of the decor: 
Loving the lofted ceilings and old growth wood
Aren't the red, blue and yellow table linens awesome?!
Note the comic book bubbles as centerpieces... and the flaming Baked Alaska, a coveted prize during the Dessert Dash portion of the evening.  
Somehow the auction theme and colors matched perfectly with the Seattle Sugarplum elves' newest costumes, Elf Superheros!
Stripes, Calamity, Pumpkin, and me (Schprintzel)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review: Swrve Softshell Knickers

 I'd been looking for a long time for a pair of commuting knickers that offered a comfortable, stylish alternative to my team kit for daily commuting and other urban bike adventures. It should be noted that I'm definitely not anti-lycra.  For racing and training, touring, or really any long day in the saddle, it is hard to beat the comfort afforded by a pair of cycling shorts with a well made chamois.  That being said, I don't always feel comfortable wearing my racing kit into the grocery store on my way home, nor do I enjoy wearing it to meet friends for beers on any given Saturday night.

Anyhow, my hubby gave me a pair of Swrve Softshell Knickers for my birthday.  I immediately put them to the test through a chilly and wet commuting season in January and February.  Simple one word review:  Love!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Checking out the Chief Sealth Trail Extension

On a recent particularly sunny morning,  I took a detour from my normal commute route to check out the extension of the Chief Sealth Trail which recently opened.  It runs from Beacon Ave S. to 15th Ave S:

View Chief Sealth Bike Map extension in a larger map