Monday, January 16, 2012

Stinky Spoke recap

Chad and I did the Stinky Spoke poker bike ride on Saturday.  An off-road but not technical ride, it is scheduled every year for what should be some of the worst weather of the year.  In terms of bad weather, this ride definitely did not  disappoint!

We started in a bit of rain, temps in the mid '30s.  About a 1/4 of a mile in was the dreaded Heart Attack Hill. You got a "medallion" (really a Redhook beer coaster) if you made it all the way up without stopping.
The dreaded Heart Attack Hill.  Lots of people walked.

Mid-winter Bee Check Up (with beecam)

With the exception of today's snow, its been a relatively mild winter in Seattle, much to the benefit of our bee ladies. Venessa's hive has been doing great, staying clustered up and working slowly through their honey stores. In a recent peek hrough the window, they were clustered close to the glass, slowly vibrating, a collective calm enveloping them.

By contrast, my hive appears to have worked through their honey stores much more rapidly and has nearly run out. Recent peeks into the viewing window reveal a much more chaotic scene.