Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bike Ride to Talia and Justin's wedding

The last weekend of September, I participated in a bike ride to our dear friends' Talia and Justin's wedding.  The wedding itself was at Fort Warden, but for a bike route, the wedding party decided to ride north on beautiful Whibey Island then ferry-hop over to Fort Warden.

We met up at the Clinton side of the Mukilteo-Clinton ferry.  I was in the bride's car, and we missed the ferry everyone else was on by seconds.  We were cutting it close to begin with, but the deal breaker was the mean-spirited cop who tailgated us all the way from the top of the hill in Mukilteo down to the ferry, ruining our chances of speeding just a little to catch the ferry.

By the time we arrived, quite a crowd had assembled - 30 or so riders, some from .83, others from grad school, plus other friends and family of the bride and groom.

The dress was supposed to be "wedding formal" and many riders rocked formal gowns and  suits.

The groom (pictured below) opted for a wool jersey and fancy wool knickers.  A nice get up, to be sure....

... but nothing matched the '80's wedding dress rocked by the bride to be!  She looked soooo hottt riding in this lacy, heart necked number, complete with tuile and flowers on her helmet.

I got to spend some time riding with Meg H and Sadie R, two of my favorite two wheelers.  

I had to sneak in for a portrait with the bride to be, also.

I was thrilled that Walter, the father of the bride, also joined us.  He scampered right up those hills and I had to work to keep up.

The pace was lovely- mellow for the first half with some strategic stops for fuel, navigation and beer.

Scott, the route planner, did a fantastic job- he even managed to find some off-road trails we rode on for a few moments.  Here's my favorite cyclocross moment of the trip- the sand pit!

It was seriously lovely to pedal along these farm roads, lagoons on both sides.

We stopped for lunch at a park and took this fantastic group portrait- have you ever seen such joyful guests en route to a wedding?

After lunch, I hopped on to a fast-moving paceline with some of the stronger riders and did my best to keep up with their 23-35mph pace.  They were all much larger than I, which made drafting easy.  It was REALLY fun to do that- made me think that I should return to road racing, at least for a few races a season.

We regrouped at the end of a long, flat stretch- people sipped on beer and wine instead of the usual Nuun/ electrolyte drinks.  It was a refreshing change.

After a ferry ride and the final short but brutally steep hill to Fort Warden, we arrived at the wedding site in the late afternoon, just in time to enjoy the rehearsal bbq Talia and Justin's friends and family put together.

As you can see, the "bicycle bridesmaids" as well as the bride still looked completely put together at the conclusion of the ride.

Thank you Talia and Justin for planning this amazing adventure, and for having an even more amazing wedding weekend.  Here's to a very happy marriage!

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