Sunday, March 9, 2014

Basement remodel- plumbing groundwork and framing

In the past two months, we've made quite a bit of progress on the basement.  We dug a channel for the plumbing ground work for the new bathroom, which involved demolishing the concrete and digging out the dirt underneath. 

The new bathroom(pictured below) consists of a shower, a toilet, a sink and the washer-dryer set.  We dug drainage terminals for each in preparation of the plumbing ground work.

With the plumbing drainage ditches dug, our amazing plumber at Luna Moon installed all of the ground drainage, which took him all of a day, and passed the plumbing inspection on the first attempt. Pictured on the left is the new connection to the existing sewer main.  On the right is a picture of the toilet connection and vent. 

 With the plumbing ground work complete, we poured another 30 bags' worth of concrete over the trench, which marked the end- FINALLY- of all of the concrete work for our house (except one footing for the new stairs to the basement, which will be poured once most of the framing is complete). 

 We purchased a ton of lumber and Chad got to work on the framing.  This is his area of expertise, so I didn't do much except for the occasional help with measuring, and a lot of pulling nails out of floor joists, so they'll be ready for drywall. 

 With the framing in, it's becoming easier to get a sense of what the rooms will feel like. On the left below is the new bedroom/ tv room; on the right is the storage room. 


Here are two shots of the bathroom.  Left:   looking towards the back yard.  The washer/ dryer will be stacked to the left of the window, and the porcelain farm sink will go to the right, supported by a floating butcher block counter.   Right:  looking into the bathroom from the bedroom.  The washer/ dryer stack will be to the left of the door, the toilet to the right.  The new shower will be in the rear right corner, opposite the sink. 

 We finished up the final framing details yesterday and today, thanks to a huge amount of help from our friend TBD. Friends make this work go so much faster! Thank you TBD! We're now ready for plumbing rough in and electrical rough in, which to me are signs that we are finally really making process. 


Tori said...

This is so exciting! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Unknown said...

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