Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Silver Lake CX Race

This last Sunday I raced in the Silver Lake CX race up in Everett.  Although it was a beautiful, sparkling sunny day, the course was quite brutal- it included a long, long LONG run across the beach.

Her'es a little montage of some sand shots (all shots by Chad):

That's me on the bottom right, my speedy friend Kate L above me, TBD to the left, and
 SCCA/ Sbux team president Paul above him giving cx a try.  Hint: click on the montages to view larger images.

After the sand there was a short section of singletrack, then a short but steep climb up into the woods followed by some twisty turny sections descending back to the beach.

Oops!  Katy H. takes the tree turn a bit too tight and skids out, top right
 Then of course, the barriers.  This course featured a double barrier, up a hill.  Here I am staggering up:

And here is teammate Sean modeling how it should be done:
Like Superman!
After three plus laps on this course, I was exhausted and ran out of steam a bit towards the end, but wound up 16th.  I was hoping for top 10, but not bad for a field of nearly forty ladies!

The best part of the day, of course, is always the food and brews.. thanks Recycled Cycles for providing the PBR and Bill the Butcher mini sliders- tasty!  (PS- TBD, I love your hat!)

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