Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beverly Park Cross Race.. Mud, Mud Mud

Last Sunday's race was possibly the muddiest experience of my life.  The skies opened up right before my race started, and the cat 4 women, stripped down to race jerseys in anticipation of the start, were soaked in a torrential deluge of rain.   Every square inch of the course, minus the short section around a clay track, was mud. The run ups were complete mud, a slip and slide fest, right out of the gate.  The upper section of the course, which wove back and forth across a section of turf, was no respite, as the turf was waterlogged and quickly turned to mud.  From the turf, we rode down a muddy decline, back across the track, and to the back stretch, which was not rideable due to mud.  Back and forth we slogged, bikes on shoulders, mud to mid calves.
Definitely one of the most intensely wet and dirty experiences of my life- but there is something fun about being that dirty.  A momentary relapse into a mud-covered childhood, perhaps.

Here's a roundup of my favorite images from around the web of that day:

All images above taken by Adam Leahy, pro photographer, who just released a Cyclocross book called Cyclogrunge which is amazing.  You can buy it here.

Here is a fun series of my friend Kate, taken by her partner Ric:


Finally, here's some super muddy shots of me, taken by Rob M. from Recycled:

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