Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DIY baby Jersey (for the youngest member of our cycling team...)

Awhile ago I mentioned in a post that I made a baby jersey for my friends' / teammates' son Jaren.  I got some questions about how I made it so I figure it deserves a post all on its own.

Basically, I strategically deconstructed an adult jersey (our team's kit from 2 years ago), and used my favorite parts to sew together a side-snap-button baby jersey.  Step by step description after the jump:

I started by cutting up all of the pieces of the adult jersey along the existing seams, so I could get a sense of how many "pieces" I had to work with.  I also cut all of the bigger sections of fabric away from all elastic pieces, so that I could get those pieces to lay flat.  I wanted to re-use the elastic, though, so I left about a 2" margin above it.  This way I could just restitch it on to the bottom of the new jersey rather than having to re-install elastic in the bottom of the baby jersey. I also wanted to re-use the jersey pockets, so I ripped the seams connecting the jersey pockets to the jersey, but left the elastic in place across the top of the fabric pocket. 

I didn't have a pattern, but I used a "onesie" in Jaren's size, provided to me by Jaren's mama, to get a good template.  I traced around the onesie onto the fabric, adding one inch all the way around to account for seams, and stopping at the waist.

Some of the pieces, waiting to be stitched together. 
 I pinned the pieces together and then measured across the chest of the garment to see if I had the sizing right.  I got worried that it was a bit to small, so I cut some extra panels out of the sleeves of the old jersey (the "starbucks" lettering just happened to be the perfect size for these panels).

 I stitched the elastic to the bottom of the jersey,  then ironed the seam down so that the elastic would point the right way.

I used a raglan method for the sleeves, taking this cue from the onesie- it was an easy way to construct and connect everything. 

I left some extra fabric at the front and folded it under, so that there would be two layers of material to pound the snaps into.  I wound up with an assymetrical opening in the front of the jersey. This wasn't designed - rather, it was a product of getting the two overlapping "Starbucks" logos on the front to line up, but I really liked the way it turned out. 

I re-attached the pockets to the back of the jersey, just for effect.  They're not very deep, and therefore not very functional, but it will be awhile before Jaren will be needing to put spare tubes and Clif Shots back there. 

Finally, here's a shot of the racer-to-be... isn't he adorable? (His mom is gorgeous too!)


"Maggie & Kevin" said...

You wouldn't happen to know where I can purchase a women's small Starbuck's jersey would you? purchase. I have been trying to find one. It can't be a unisex.

Thank you, Maggie

Megbikes said...

Hi Maggie,

Thanks for your comment. Starbucks sponsors our cycling team, so each year we have custom made team kits. As far as I know our jerseys are not for sale to the general public, but I've heard you can buy a starbucks cycling jersey from the Starbucks employee store. That might be worth a shot if you know someone who works for Starbucks. You might also look into having one custom made. Hope that helps!