Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bicycle baby track jacket

I've been off the bike for most of December and January.  It's been cold, I've been battling some respiratory crud, and I needed a little mental break from my typical bike commute.  I've been using my daily light rail ride to knit some fuzzy, warm wintertime gifts- cowls, hats, and fingerless gloves, all which would be great cycling accessories. However, the project I'm the most excited about, as of late, is a "welcome" gift for a very young cyclist-to-be. 

Little Atticus is about 3 months old, and his parents own and operate an amazing bike shop on San Francisco's heavily bicycled Market Street, Huckleberry Bikes. In addition to fitness/ performance cycling, Huckleberry Bikes has a special focus on bicycle commuting, and they stock a fierce assortment of ultra stylish cycling threads.

It's only fitting that Atticus should be outfitted in bikey threads as cool as those sold in mom and dad's shop.  With this in mind, I modified an easy top-down sweater pattern into a warm and toasty winter "track jacket."

The back (my favorite part!)

The front

 The jacket is made out of "Lofty" yarn by Kollage- a very soft, warm, bulky weight yarn that knitted up easily and quickly on size 10.5 needles.

I used this adorable "Little Coffee Bean" pattern as a rough guide, but forewent the pattern stripes in favor of the bicycle pattern on the back, and racing stripes around the collar, waist and down the sleeves.  I also extended the jacket's collar a bit more than the pattern suggested.  Finally, I modified the stitch count to accommodate my bulkier yarn weight. 

 Here are a few detail shots, for those of you interested in knitted garments.

 Collar/ Buttons.

The bicycle. (Knitters, feel free to use my bike chart for bikey knitwear). 

The shoulder racing stripes. 

I can't wait to see photos of the little man rockin' his bicycle bling. 

(Note:  this bicycle knitting block also appeared on a bicycle baby blanket I did a couple of years back). 

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