Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sprouts in nooks and crannies

Last year, one particular kale plant in our garden grew into a tree.  We enjoyed its leaves all winter long and into the next spring.  Through March and April, it started to bolt, but I let it blossom for the bees.  When we pulled it out in May, it was nearly 8 feet tall.

I set the seed pods aside to dry, so I could harvest seeds for kale sprouts.  But I didn't actually get to the harvesting in a timely manner.  The seed pods sat on the deck for all of June, July, and August, and by the time I finally sat down to harvest them in September, many of the pods had popped open on their own and spread their seeds everywhere.  I didn't give this a thought until a couple of days ago, when I noticed kale sprouts popping up from every nook and cranny on the deck.

Every time I go out on the deck now, I'm reminded of nature's whimsical responses to my procrastination.

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