Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rest Day in Cannon Beach

This morning I woke up with the stomach flu, so we didn't feel like riding very far. I managed to make it over the hill from our goofy campground past Seaside to Cannon Beach, where the sun finally came out. We stopped to eat lunch and check email and Frank noticed a broken spoke on Rike's wheel. We took off the cassette and many spokes were damaged from the chain shifting too far past the cassette- a problem I noticed and helped them fix, but apparently there was already spoke damage! It took a long time to fix the wheel, and I still wasn't feeling perfect, so we decided to just stay in a campground in Cannon Beach and have a rest day.

It was a great decision for us, and Cannon Beach was a lovely town to spend a rest day in! We caught up on email, checked out the beach, and relaxed and did some window shopping. By dinner time my stomach was feeling better, so we had dinner at the local Thai restaurant, which had stellar food. I ordered salmon panang curry, yum!

After dinner we enjoyed the sunset at Cannon Beach, perhaps the most beautiful beach on the Oregon Coast. Haystack Rock, kites flying everywhere, dogs and kids playing in the waves. I see why the Oregon Coast is such a special, popular place. Tomorrow we'll try to get more mileage in.

Tody's total-- 5.92 miles!

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